DMCA - Copyright Information

DMCA - Copyright Information

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  1. Custom Paint by Numbers
  2. Custom Diamond Painting
  3. Paint by Numbers Kits
  4. Diamond Painting Kits
  5. Custom Portraits

At, we want to provide clarity regarding the copyright status of our products, especially those created using artificial intelligence tools and innovative designers. We want to emphasize that all art galleries, including Diamond Paintings and Paint by Numbers, generated through artificial intelligence tools have no artist copyright rights. This includes art created in the style of a particular artist.

AI-Generated Art: We use intelligent artificial tools and innovative designers to create our art. As a result, these AI-generated artworks do not possess any copyrights. Even if an art piece is made in the style of a known artist, it does not infringe on any artist's copyrights. In most descriptions, we provide credits to the artist when indicating that an art piece is made "in the style of" a particular artist. These credits are offered as a reference but do not imply copyright.

No Copyright Violation: We take significant care in selecting and creating art to ensure that we do not violate any copyrights or intellectual property rights. Before any art is listed on our website, we thoroughly assess it to avoid any copyright issues.

AI Tools and Resources: Many of our art pieces are generated using tools and resources such asΒ,,,,, etc'. These tools assist us in producing high-quality, AI-generated artwork.

Open Art Shared Gallery: Some art galleries are derived from the open art shared gallery of Leonardo.AI, which holds full rights to use user-generated art for commercial purposes. Our inspiration is often drawn from these open resources.

Legal Basis: It's important to note that many jurisdictions recognize that AI-generated content, even if it resembles famous artwork, does not possess copyright. If you have any concerns or questions about our art, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Kits: The information provided here also applies to custom kits and products on our website.

We are committed to respecting copyright and intellectual property rights, and we take steps to ensure that our products adhere to legal and ethical standards.